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Darla Wexttsen, 16738 N. Tolle Lane, Mount Vernon, IL 62864
checks may be made payable to "Grace Community Church"

There is also a deposit account set up at US Bank to help defray Deb's uncovered medical expenses.
Visit any US Bank branch office to make a deposit in cash or by check for "Deborah A. Smith Memorial Fund".
Please be sure to mention Charity Paddock or Nellie Haverkos to be sure the gift is properly deposited.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Deb!

In time, today is Deb's 54th birthday. She is likely dancing and painting in worship before the Lord. To celebrate here, see the photo recollection of Deb's life which her family shared at the two Celebrations of the Resurrection in Mt Vernon, IL, (October 20, 2007) and Cincinnati, OH (October 21, 2007).

Celebration of the Resurrection


paula clare said...

Worship today was hard...and beautiful. We sang all the songs that make me think of you, Deb: I Am Free...Fields of Grace...It Is You. I missed you horribly during the service, but I couldn't help but be envious as well...knowing you no longer have to SING about "dancing with my Father God in fields of grace", but you are THERE, dancing, painting, and worshipping with abandon.

What a birthday celebration you must be having!

You were/are loved. You are missed. Terribly.

Peace, Love and Joy to You my precious friend!

butlers said...

Happy Birthday Deb! I can't even imagine the amazing party you and Jesus and all the saints are having right now. I bet the birthday cake in heaven is AMAZING!!

My name is Sarah Butler, I'm an old friend of the family...or should I say of Jordan...and my parents are friends of Tom and Deb. As a pre-schooler, Jordan and I used to be best friends. For all you FCC-ers, my parents are Paul and Anita Butler. I'm their middle girl- the red-headed spunky one with freckles.

Jordan and I went to the same YMCA pre-school and had lots of fun adventures. I'm 25 now, and only vaguely remember Deb - but as I've read this blog, I'm reminded of how even as a child, I could sense her warmth. As a child I was also in awe of her artsy nature. I would have loved to learn art from her as an adult. Guess I'll have to wait for those lessons till I get to join Deb in heaven.

I wasn't able to make it to the memorial service, but I looked at the slide show of pictures today. The pictures of Deb holding two cats caught my eye, and reminded me of vague memories of going to the Smith's house and being glad that there were cats to chase around - seeing as I am a fellow cat lover.

Until today, I've never contemplated what it would be like to celebrate your first birthday in heaven. I don't know if we'll even be aware of such earthly holidays as birthdays in heaven. I think we'll probably be to engrossed in singing praises to our amazing God to be worried about who is coming to our birthday party, or what presents we'll receive. As saddened I am for the whole Smith family and their losing Deb all too soon, I take hope in knowing that Deb's having the best birthday yet.

I pray that God would surround and uphold Tom, Charity, Nellie and Jordan with His amazing grace, love and comfort today. May he be their Prince of Peace, their refuge and strong tower. Jordan, if you read this, I wish I could give you, my long lost pre-school best friend, a hug. My heart aches for your loss. I’m keeping you all in my prayers.