To help financially during this time of great need, please forward your offering to Tom's sister:
Darla Wexttsen, 16738 N. Tolle Lane, Mount Vernon, IL 62864
checks may be made payable to "Grace Community Church"

There is also a deposit account set up at US Bank to help defray Deb's uncovered medical expenses.
Visit any US Bank branch office to make a deposit in cash or by check for "Deborah A. Smith Memorial Fund".
Please be sure to mention Charity Paddock or Nellie Haverkos to be sure the gift is properly deposited.

If you use this link to join, then go shopping there, as much as 26% of your purchases will help the family.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Deb is quite critical and all are in need of desperate prayer!

At dusk, dawn, and noon I sigh deep sighs ~~ He hears, He rescues
(Psalm 55:17)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Your fervent and constant prayers are a continued blessing to Deb and Tom and their family. They are needed now most desperately; please take some time to go before the Lord right now. Deb is still hospitalized, and word comes tonight, from Nellie that,
My mom has gone downhill since Wednesday of this week ... By Saturday she could barely open her eyes and barely speak to Zach and me. She is unable to eat on her own and is unable to hold food down ... Charity drove over this afternoon. I just got back to Cincinnati to take care of some things here then I am headed back in the next few days. I've been there for a week and I am exhausted. My poor dad is exhausted. We are all very afraid. My mom needs prayer and so do we. Also the people caring for her in the hospital need prayer as well ...We need a renewed strength and hope desperately.



paula clouse said...

Dear Precious Nellie, Charity, Tom and Family,
Please be assured that prayers are going up for Deb continually...I have called upon a Native American friend on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona to hold a special Native prayer service for Deb's healing. Even this moment prayers, songs, and the Creator are being called upon to intervene on Deb's behalf!

Jim and Wendy Wilson said...

Dear Pastor Tom, Deb, and families,


Our Almighty Father is encamped around you. He hears the multitude of our collective cries and will saturate you with His healing presence. The Lord God has ordained all of your footsteps and He will not abandon His children. May His unwavering grace and mercy hover over all of you. We firmly stand in the gap for you and our united prayers fight the battle on your behalf. May your hearts sense the intense love, respect and appreciation for your entire family. All honor and glory to the victorious Jesus Christ.
With steadfast faith,
Jim and Wendy Wilson and your Cincinnati Comrades

Tresea Loveless said...

Tom, Deb and family:

My prayer for your family is for your faith in our Father's Love for Deb and for each of you. He feels your hurt, knows that you are frightened and sad. He has experienced all that you are going through. He will not allow more than you are able to endure, and He will equip you for your journey.

Brittney and I are close by and we are available for anything you need us to do. Feed the cows, wash the car, anything you don't have time to do. I love you and miss you guys.

"Be still and know that I AM GOD." Even what we do not understand will bring us His Blessings.

Tresea Loveless

Yvonne Knoll said...

Tom, Deb, Charity, and all.

My heart has been right with you in prayer since I heard of Deb's illness. You may not remember me and I only knew you when Charity was gifted to your family and we all lived in Cincinnati. I was an Art student.
God has our days numbered. God has so obviously used Deb all these years serving Him through His people. I have read all the updates and will continue to pray. Yvonne

MarcO said...

Oh Lord God Almighty, we ask that you watch over Deb and provide her with relief from this terrible illness and suffering. May You ease her nausea and take away her pain. May You give her comfort.
We ask that You provide her family, Tom, Charity, Nellie and Jordan and their families with peace and comfort. Please calm their fears and fill all with Your Peace. In the Name of Jesus.

-Marc & Linny O'Hara -

The Steffens said...

Dear Smith Family,

We are praying that God provide all that you need; restoration, strength, hope- and that you experience the strong arms of our Lord. Deb- you are an amazing faithful woman! What a witness you are, and were to many of us back in Cincinnati. Thanks so much for the ways you gave of yourself to me. Nellie, Charity and Tom: we will and are praying for you.

The Steffens

Barb, Steve, Emily Smith, & Erin Coons

nancy eckel said...

to the Smith family and all those who love them...

in spite of the pain and suffering all of you have experienced lately, we pray that you hold firm to the faith and know, really know, that there is SO much more to life than the short years we live here on earth. What awaits us (and Deb!) is totally beyond our comprehension - real life beyond this life in the presence of Jesus!, ALIVE in His love and mercy, no pain, no tears, but peace and joy that know no end. Fear not, He says, for I am with you always. Hold loosely to the things of this life and keep you eyes fixed on Him. He will carry you through, until we all meet again - never again to be separated by fear and sadness, but together - FOREVER - in His Kingdom which knows no end.

May the grace of our Lord and King fill you with His peace, and may His Spirit comfort you with His precious presence, and give you assurance of His great love for you.

joyful in hope,