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Darla Wexttsen, 16738 N. Tolle Lane, Mount Vernon, IL 62864
checks may be made payable to "Grace Community Church"

There is also a deposit account set up at US Bank to help defray Deb's uncovered medical expenses.
Visit any US Bank branch office to make a deposit in cash or by check for "Deborah A. Smith Memorial Fund".
Please be sure to mention Charity Paddock or Nellie Haverkos to be sure the gift is properly deposited.

If you use this link to join, then go shopping there, as much as 26% of your purchases will help the family.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update from Darla on 6/16/2007 @ 11:00 PM

Darla, Tom's sister, provided the following update late this evening. Your prayers on Father's Day are most urgently needed, brothers ans sisters.

We have been with Deb in St.Louis. Charity and Hal are here this weekend. Nellie was here earlier this week. Our sister Sheila, and her husband are coming in this weekend from Dallas, TX, our niece is coming from Philadelphia, so ASAP means ASAP to us. Our dear sweet Pastor, sister, mentor, is gravely ill. Please pass this on so the body of Christ can pray tomorrow morning in corporate worship for dear saint, Deborah Smith. Gratefuly, Darla-

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Mike Borgelt said...

Dear Deb,

There is not a day that goes by that either Susan or myself think or pray for you and Tom. You both are such a big part of our lives. Not just as Pastors/Elders but as friends. We miss you.

I know how much you love and enjoy praise/worship music. During service last week at New Song, they played this song written by Dale Evrist and it pushed me to tears thinking of you and Tom. I hope you find meaning and peace in the words. I plan on sending a CD of this song for you to enjoy.


Verse 1:
I love You, my Lord
My rock and my fortress
You rescued my life
When freedom seemed hopeless
You parted the heavens
And came down

When death gathered ‘round
And threatened to slay me
I cried out for help
Your grace came and saved me
No longer alone
Now my soul thrives

And You are my God
The one that I run to
The source of my strength
My shelter and refuge
Deep down inside my soul
You’ve created something new
Lord I come alive in You

Verse 2:
You reached from on high
And saved me from drowning
Your love drew me out
Your angels surround me
You set my feet
On wide open places

I’m alive
Death is done
Life has won
You have come

Verse two, when they talk about the "angels surround me" made me think of your paintings of angels.

Forever in His love
Mike & Susan